The game on the dating show change of heart

25-Aug-2017 05:23

At the end of show the couples have to decide if they want to "Stay Together", or if they've had a "Change Of Heart".

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Every client is treated like family and she decided to focus... I hope some network brings it back so every fan of the show can see it again. Before I wrap this up, I'd like to say that if this show is ever brought back on the air I'll always remember it in my memory forever once it stops airing for good, even though I haven't seen every episode.

The Game aggressively responds, "I've got a suspended license ...

but when I did have wheels, it would roll straight over hers and his bucket." Our favorite moment has to be when Sadita attacks The Game's ambition and potential.

At the taping, they would each discuss their dates with the one they were set up with; the female half of the couple would talk about her date first, followed by the male half.

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Then, at the the end of the show, each member of the couple would decide if they should stay together, or if they had a Change of Heart (hence the name of the show).(Kollin was not asked back for the 2002-2003 season due to an undisclosed financial issue.) The show was also featured on The Jamie Foxx Show.