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For example, domestic violence accusations can be used to gain leverage in divorce or child custody cases.

They may be made out of spite or jealous when a relationship sours.

Also explored are the 2015 upgrades to the PFAD database and what the new orders under the PSVI Act look like in PFAD.

In Wisconsin, domestic abuse cases include cases in which an individual has caused intentional physical pain, physical injury, or illness on a domestic partner, spouse, ex-spouse, dating partner, person they live with, or the parent of their child, whether married or unmarried.

The Protection From Intimidation Order was created to protect minors when the offender is age 18 or older.

For example, a PFIO could be granted for a child whose sports coach or an adult friend of the family is stalking or harassing him or her.

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Unfortunately, many defendants in domestic violence cases have been arrested based on false allegations.


My ex-husband had a spouse who cheated on him and he failed to address his feelings addressing this issue.

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Regardless of the subject matter, we take the time to research the topic fully and include many facts and particulars, just as you would, if you had the time to write the paper yourself.Often the police may arrest someone even if they were defending themselves and not the aggressor.