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05-Aug-2017 14:18

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Dab (a gel highlighter that delivers flawless lustre) over the high points of your face – the bridge of your nose, your cheekbones, Cupid’s Bow, and in a small ‘C’ shape around the outer corner of your eyes for instant skin brightness.Set it with a powder illuminator like the As you hit your forties, you may notice that everything starts to fade. It’s important not to go overboard – you want to look vibrant, but not clown-like – the concept of putting colour on your cheeks is all about mimicking a natural healthy glow and replacing lost colour rather than creating a statement. I was broke, deeply depressed, and wrapped up in an emotionally destructive relationship.The one nice thing I had going was the semi-successful band we’d started when we first got together; but between that, our shared living situation, and the overwhelming sadness which had rendered me inert, I felt trapped.We’d be home for weeks at a time, trapped together in a one-bedroom apartment.

“Taking a camera into a boys’ locker room at school and photographing teenage boys completely naked while showering, then, printing that photo taking up an entire half page for the world to look at was considered perfectly appropriate,” writes a historian on the subject.

A sweep of youth-enhancing blush from the apples of your cheeks to your hairline will add volume and brightness, draw attention from fine lines, and have the effect of providing a natural face lift.

To bring sallow skin back to life, opt for will even out discolouration, whilst imparting a fresh, dewy glow without feeling mask-like.

The tricks, techniques, and products that you employed in your thirties can be both outdated and unsuited to your complexion as skin ageing kicks in, so now’s the prime time to fine-tune your makeup routine to suit the visible changes in your skin.

Maintain your creativity and don’t be afraid to look to celebrities for inspiration – copy the looks sported by those in their forties that you admire – you can easily tweak current trends to tone them down and adapt them to your look.

I would have no band, no job, and nowhere to live, and because I was crazy, I would be alone.