Dating old fenwick casting rods

13-Dec-2017 04:02

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Antique and vintage fishing tackle has become highly collectible, both for its workmanship and appearance and for the nostalgic memories it evokes of a simpler time.Hand-crafted designs create a folk art feel, attracting collectors from a range of backgrounds. I've been fishing the 704 fast model for about a year now & it has caught me more fish than any other rod I have.

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Similar reasoning applies to much of my fly tackle.

These were a great design decades ago and they still are.

There have been various model tweaks over the years, but the fundamental design is unchanged.

It comes with a copy of the original paper work telling you how to care for the reel and a price list of parts. The instruction and maintenance manual included, modeled after Hardy's original 1930's design, the Cascapedia fly reel blends a time-honored look with superb twenty-first-century technology.

E05418 and set for LHW, can be easily changed to RHW.

Its nice and light to use all day, cought plenty of big strip bass. only thing that i didn't like from it was that the part that tightens the reel in stripped and every cast i try to make it loosens up and the reel almost falls off.